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Corporate Advisory

Like an artist's art, our services are crafted as per your needs. This is what keeps us relevant, close to clients and a value figure in all our discussions.

Cost Accounting and Management

Potential profit can be lost because companies do not know the correct cost of their product, clients, channels.

Often, potential profit can be lost because companies are not able to obtain relevant and accurate cost for their pack, brand, product, customer, channel or region in a regular and automated manner. MDG & Co. helps its clients to design processes and effective cost center hierarchies to gain insights into cost drivers to identify inefficiencies, especially product costs to enable adequate analysis. This helps clients obtain timely insightful information, focus on business drivers and helps enhance the available capacity (people, infrastructure, resources, etc.).

What is in it for you

  • Optimisation of the available capacity (people, infrastructure, resources, etc.)

  • Increased cost transparency to identify inefficiencies 

  • Analysis and set-up of specific and flexible decision processes 

  • Objective basis for profitability improvement and performance management 

  • Scenario analysis of new or modified situations.

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Audit & assurance
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