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Corporate Advisory

Like an artist's art, our services are crafted as per your needs. This is what keeps us relevant, close to clients and a value figure in all our discussions.

Deal Advisory

Our Deal Advisory services bring together our widespread portfolio of deal related services across corporate finance, transaction services, deal strategy, valuations, transaction tax and structuring and post deal services.

Buying a Business

As you execute your company’s growth strategy through acquisitions you will reach a point where a number of decisions need to be taken. From identifying target markets and potential targets to running an efficient transaction process and realising upside or synergy value, we help you confidently navigate the complexities of buying a business, unlocking value at every stage.

We help identify key risks and rewards throughout the acquisition life cycle – even for some extremely complex deals. We help you align deals with your strategic business objectives, maintain compliance and enhance value from integration and potential upside opportunity.

Our experts help you focus on key questions during the critical stages of planning and executing an acquisition.

Selling a Business


When it comes to selling a business, a successful strategy requires active portfolio management and a well-planned divestment process.

Our Deal Advisory professionals are forward-looking specialists with a broad range of skills, deep industry expertise, and a futuristic perspective, to help you stay in front of the issues and avoid loss of value. From helping you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture to supporting you in minimising value leakage, we assess your situation and support your negotiating position to better the sales price and execute the deal with minimal disruption to the remaining business operations.

We help you focus on key questions through critical stages in planning and executing divestitures.


Creating and setting up of a new joint venture or business combination requires specialised skills in not only assessing the legal and tax environments, but also the capital market provisions in the local environment.

Our joint venture experts can support you from pre-deal strategy and partner identification through to implementation and governance to power up your joint venture or business combination. MDG member firms have resources to connect you with local point of contacts and knowledge so that you have a full understanding of the strategic, financial, operational, and legal implications of creating and setting up a joint venture or alliance. We also help you understand the implications of the business combination on your entire business and ensure your long-term maintenance and exit strategies are an early consideration in the creation phase.

Our team helps you focus on the key questions through the critical stages from creation to operation of a business combination.

Funding a Business

A strategic approach to defining your capital financing objectives and understanding your debt, mezzanine, and equity financing options in light of both private and capital market sources is essential to sustainable growth.

Professionals in our debt advisory practice have experienced insights and market knowledge to provide holistic and conflict-free advice to match your strategic objectives. We offer hands-on assistance through the process of raising capital, from initial assessment and strategy to successful execution. Using clear and consistent communications, we can help you develop and strengthen shareholder support for the deal.

Our team helps you focus on key questions to develop and implement capital structuring transactions and raise capital in alignment with your goals.

Financial restructuring

When a company is experiencing financial difficulties, stakeholders often look for additional information or resources to help rebuild their confidence. We help you understand the complex landscape of borrowers, lenders and shareholders, and manage stakeholder communications, so you stay in front of the issues and make effective decisions. We help you assess short-term liquidity requirements and consider actions to quickly preserve value and address potential risks to stability.

Our specialists help you focus on key questions as you navigate a corporate restructuring to achieve sustainable, operational and financial change.



To overcome operational or financial challenges and improve performance, you need to quickly stabilise your cash and liquidity positions and take a realistic view of current options.

We provide a coherent approach to stabilising under-performing companies by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organisational and financial change, and executing them to achieve real results. We help establish solid ground for a turnaround by assessing your liquidity position and creating a stakeholder management plan.

Our team helps you focus on the questions through the critical stages of change management.

Solvency strategies

When a company is in distress, the management team faces many competing challenges. We can help you assess the situation and, if necessary, assist you with developing a practical insolvency plan. Working with you and your stakeholders, we help you identify the path that can enhance available value. We help you assess the impact and risks of various options, identify the right filing jurisdiction and prepare a detailed insolvency plan that betters the stakeholder’s position. We support you as you position your company for a return to health and a solid financial standing.

Our experts help you focus on key questions through the development, implementation and completion of an insolvency.

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