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Like an artist's art, our services are crafted as per your needs. This is what keeps us relevant, close to clients and a value figure in all our discussions.


Estimating the worth of a business or an asset is never straightforward. Performing valuations is getting more and more complex with continuous changes in the regulatory and business environment.

Valuation involves advising on valuation of business, company, share and asset, both for commercial and statutory purposes. Valuations assignments may be conducted alongside other services such as tax and regulatory, forensic and financial reporting.

Valuation as a practice requires high level of expertise. It is due to the direct link between the results of our work and the price a buyer or seller may pay or receive. Also, where there is reliance on our opinion by the parties transacting or regulatory authorities such as SEBI, RBI and Income Tax authorities and the client and their auditors for accounting and reporting purposes. In addition, most valuations are based on forecasts and specific assumptions about possible developments in the future.

Valuation services involve the act or process of developing an opinion of value. As such, it is never a fact but always an opinion on the worth of the business or asset to be valued at a given time in accordance with a specific definition of value.

Our valuation services are broadly classified into the following:

  • Business valuation for restructuring/purchase/sale/litigation

    • Business valuation required at the time of restructuring of companies, which may involve mergers, demergers or amalgamations

    • Valuation purchase/sale/acquisition of company

    • Valuation for shareholder dispute, Valuation advice to minority shareholder, JV partners

  • Valuation for regulatory compliance

    • Valuation for transactions between resident shareholder and non-resident shareholder and vice versa where the report is filed with RBI under FEMA regulations

    • Valuation for submission to tax authorities in connection with withholding tax/capital gain tax

    • Valuation to be performed as registered valuer under Companies Act 2013

  • Valuation for financial reporting purposes

    • Valuation for purchase price allocation for business combination 

    • Valuation for impairment testing of goodwill and intangibles assets 

    • Valuation of stock options/derivatives and other financial instrument

    • Valuation as required under IND AS

  • Intangible assets valuation

    • Valuation of intangible assets for transaction/ funding purposes. Intangible assets include brands, tradename, customer contracts, customer relationships, software, intellectual property, non-compete agreement and assembled workforce.

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