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Like an artist's art, our services are crafted as per your needs. This is what keeps us relevant, close to clients and a value figure in all our discussions.

Quality Close

Leading companies close their books in less than 10 days.

Quality close and reporting assists clients in developing a repeatable and sustainable close and a process for internal and external reporting. Our engagement aims at shortening the reporting cycle by a combination of review of accounting practices, building an effective process for book close and enabling this through the use of technology. The quality close approach involves helping the client conduct an analysis of the current close and reporting process within the organisation, selecting a future state design, planning and piloting its implementation, and conducting a broad-based rollout as well as ongoing monitoring. Shorten the record to report cycle can reduce the cost of finance and free-up scarce finance resources to focus on value-added activities. Furthermore, a shorter close cycle can help the management in timely analysis of operations and taking corrective actions. 

What is in it for you

  • Transparent and efficient processes (closing to become a non-event) 

  • Enhanced market reputation 

  • Support focussed and reliable delivery of financial reports

  • More time for value added analysis instead of error corrections 

  • Improved risk management.

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