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Corporate Advisory

Like an artist's art, our services are crafted as per your needs. This is what keeps us relevant, close to clients and a value figure in all our discussions.

Post-merger Finance Integration

Through our approach, we enable organisations that have come together through an acquisition or merger to realise benefits by developing a target operating model, helping eliminate structural and process redundancies, conducting skill assessment and fitment analysis, recommending and helping implement technology enablers for efficiencies.

What is in it for you

  • Derive efficiency through FTE optimization 

  • Elimination of structural/process redundancies

  • Clear integration road map with an appropriate sequence of activities

  • Maintaining focus on the value drivers of the deal

  • Distinguishing and balancing between the short and long term integration imperatives

  • Robust plan to address regulatory requirements

  • Cultural integration

How can we help you?

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Audit & assurance
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